July 1, 2011


Hi guys! This post is for you to meet Sandra if you haven't already. This is Sandra on a bridge raising her eyebrow whilst contemplating how to pose.

This is Sandra in a tree that she took ages to get into and out of.

This is Sandra trying to see what it'd be like if she was drunk by playing on a spinny thing at a new park we found.

This is Sandra standing infront of a tree with her new knit top which is way to big for her

Plans for tonight include The Hangover I; The Hangover II; instant noodles with egg and cheese; popcorn; romantically rolling together in bed and multiple cans of pepsi. Hope everyone's having a great holiday! ♥


aileenzhang said...

Hi Sandra

Fern Li said...

Shes so pretty!! >> *jelly

Melody said...

Hey sexy Sandra ;D
She be so gorgeouss <3

Gillian said...

Sandra's so gorgeous >w<!

♥Bunny♥ said...

She's so pretty~!! Love her over sized sweater!

Are you from Brisbane? Cuz, I'm from Brisbane looking for from bloggers from here! I'm new to your blog and just followed you! love what you have here! :3

cominica-ai said...

She's so pretty! I want to get over sized sweater like that :)

whitney said...

She's so gorgeous. Love these photos and lusting after that knit.

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