July 22, 2011

Crave you

I'm in such a good mood today :3

On Wednesday I went on an excursion with all of the art students in my grade to Sandgate and Shorncliffe to do some landscape documentation for our next portfolio. The weather there was so damn annoying. It was pretty much constant wind blowing six hours straight and by the end of it, my hair was a massive knot. Most of the photos I took turned out horribly but I'll include a few in this post since I hate posting without photos. I'm so screwed for this unit because I can't draw landscapes to life so.. I'm just gonna do really "abstract" pieces until my teacher tells me to do something a little more realistic - do not want.

My art teacher found a dead shark that was washed up on the shore when we were at Sandgate. Instead of just leaving it alone, she decided to pick it up and turn it into an artwork.

In other news!!!! I've been really excited for my 16th birthday :D Khang and I are planning to have a conjoined birthday dinner towards the end of next week at Obsession. I hope everyone's well and that you all have a lovely weekend ♥


Fern Li said...

...whoaaaaaa youre only 15?! =o yet youre so mature xD

i like the photos~ i dont think they look bad! ..but you're the photography expert here not me T-T lol.

Melody said...

Your photography is amazingg as usual Sarah <3 And ah, I also hate posting without photos >_> !

Yayyy landscape drawing is funnn. Sort of. :/

Trishy said...

Happy birthday sOon Sarah ^^ Omigosh lol i no how u feel ): went to the beach the other day and by the end of the day my haor was just a huge ball of mess D: