June 28, 2011


Yesterday was Michael's birthday where we spent most of the time doing this:

Which was followed by Green Cabs, KFC and karaoke.

I'm so bored out of my mind right now. Ugh, Brisbane has so little to offer without having to travel an hour away. I'm now left with going to new restaurants and anticipating the arrival of my report card to keep me entertained :( I think I'll just leave this post here now and wish everyone a good nights sleep ♥

Knit sweater from Dotti, Sheer pussybow top and skirt from Supre.

P.s I'm going to miss Linda in BCT because I love her and she is a star. (There you go, are you happy now?)

P.p.s Julia uploaded a new cover about a month ago so go rate, comment and subscribe to her!


h.tea said...

Omggg I have the same knit sweater :D:D:D!! I've worn it heaps this past month and the cuff like bit is getting loose 'cause I scrunch up the sleeves asfhalksjfla :( lol!

Melody said...

Sweater looks gorgeous ! And likesss the coordinate you put together with it <3 Oh pooo. I did hear Brisbane can be slightly boring :c !

SinYee said...

seems like you had lotsa fun celebrating your friend's birthday, and your outfit is adorable!:3

I've followed you btw :]


kathleen said...

lovelovelove that sweater! and loving your friend's cover of adele :)