July 15, 2011

Dream bigger

Hi guys! I'd like to start off by apologising for breaking my blog-at-least-every-three-days promise so early on but yeah, the end of my holidays kind of crumbled into nothing. The first week back at school's been better than I anticipated apart from report cards being sent home. I thought I would've done better but I'm happy, I guess.

Today was my legal studies excursion at Dreamworld which was super fun. I managed to force myself to go on The Claw, Wipeout and Cyclone /proud. Amusement parks are so much better now that I'm older. In primary school, it'd pretty much just be me paying $50+ to have Melisa call me a chicken 20 million times before giving up and leaving me to watch her from afar.

By the way, I gave up with my fringe after about half an hour of battling with the wind so excuse my face in some of today's photos.

The Claw was probably the worst thing I went on today. Everytime you get swung up there's the horrible second where you just hang there until you fall back down. It made my stomach turn so badly asdafkjhksd. Adrii and Alice were so pumped for the day and after The Claw, all of their adrenaline cravings disappeared :(

We went onto some water raft rides after and it was so ridiculously annoying. The rides weren't even scary and the only reason we were screaming was because none of us wanted to get wet (hence the photo at the top of the post).

The day ended so quickly and we all left to wait for our buses. Ben was entertaining all of us with some card tricks.. that didn't really work out. I'll probably try to upload a video soon if I have time. I hope everyone's well and has a lovely weekend ♥

By the way, I saw some lions today. THEY'RE SO DAMN COOL even if they're sleeping.

And Julia has a new video out so go give her lurve.


Fern Li said...

ohh wow :o good for you on going on those rides!!
i have no balls. lol!

Ice Pandora said...

I don't like going on rides where you get spinned and tossed around = sick all day = waste for me and for my friends.
Haha, first time seeing a body dryer? How cuute!