July 31, 2011


Thanks to Jenny for getting the cake (designed by yours truly) as a present ♥

Khang and I had our 16th birthday party/dinner last night! I think it turned out pretty well but I kind of regret not planning it a little better. We went to dinner at Obsession the food was amazing! We had chilli lamb, pork and eggplant hotpot, sweet and sour pork, crispy skin chicken, singapore noodles and chow mien.

After dinner we went to go cut the cake, take photos and play tiggy at a park. I had to ask these really nice people at a pizza place agreed to cut up my birthday cookie for me because I forgot to bring a knife oops. By the way, I love Sophia so much for getting me the fur cape I'm wearing in this post. I was so entertained with it because every time I knelt down, I looked like a mushroom.

Some of the girls left because they had to get home early so the rest of us went to the city to play pool and karaoke. I spent most of pool taking photos with everyone after sinking the white ball three times in a row, boo. Adrii spent her time photo bombing 80% of the photos and drawing a chalk monobrow on Michael until she got bored.

Karaoke was so fun that my cheeks ended up sore from a straight hour of laughing. Brian rapped amazingly well in Korean, Micheal and Adrii fought over the mic, Ly and Mel sang for the first time in their lives to people and Ben danced to SNSD.

Thanks again to everyone who came and made it such a lovely night for Khang and I. We hope everyone has a great week ♥

By the way, my seamonkeys have started growing! I think there's about 20 or so!!


Ice Pandora said...

Happy belated 16th birthday ^___^ so nice to celebrate with someone else aswell! The Domo-Kun cake is brilliant :)


Sharri.DreamBigger said...

Happy late 16th trolol btw for your sea monkeys do you hav 2 change the water 4 it? Cos im planning 2 get some n just wondering wut if the tank gets lyk… algae or something and the sea monkeys r 2 small

Julie said...

Happy belated 16th birthday! I hope you had a good time! Hehe that fur cape looks real cute on you :P