August 6, 2011

Contact lens review for Berry Holic Green


I finally decided that it was time for me to try green contact lenses! The design really reminds me of the Nudy series purely because of all the really obvious pixels but nonetheless, these lenses are pretty nice and would ideal nice if you want a subtle hint of colour. It looks really obvious in the photos from this post but in real life, it's a lot darker and harder to notice.

One obvious flaw about the design is how sharp and scratchy the border is. It's really only noticeable when you look really closely at the lens though. Apart from that I really have nothing else to complain about! The main thing I like about these Berry Holic lenses is the light olive highlight in the middle. It really helps to give your eyes that extra brightness and makes up for the poor border.

Design: 6.5/10 - I'm still undecided as to whether I like the design or not. The way the colours are put together is great but the border just ruins it for me. From a distance they look really nice but if you come too close then you'll just be staring for ages wondering why it looks so odd.

Size: 7/10 - The Berry Holic series is only 14.00mm so enlargement isn't expected but for a design that doesn't have a thick dark rim, it does pretty well. It'll be perfect if you're looking for something more natural rather than something that gives off a dolly eye look.

Colour: 8/10 - I really like the colour of these lenses. The green looks fairly natural and as mentioned before, the highlights in the middle of the lense are just lovely.


Melody said...

Ahh! I think these lenses look absolutely gorgeous on you! And love how well your photos always turn out *___* <33

But yeah, that weird border is strange. It is quite unique. But I guess it depends on what the wearer prefers :s

Fern Li said...

They look nice on you!! :D

Anonymous said...

Since Formspring can't seem to post questions through with links..

Do you know where I can get that type of scarf?! Desperate here! TT

Sarah Truong said...


Sorry, I really have no idea :( Try eBay maybe!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but your berryholic greens look like the gothic 3 tones green