January 13, 2015

Photo & caption update LII

Hello hello! Sorry for going missing over the last week - I've been trying to make the most of my Summer because well... it's already halfway through. Just thought I'd take a few moments to put up a quick little photo and caption update before I take an early night :) 

New year, more tea. I think this box has definitely made me realise that I'm more of a flavoured black tea kind of girl. 

Tried out the waffles at Cherry Bean Cafe - very average~. 

I was so proud of my eyeliner and brow game on new year's eve :') 

 Shingle Inn dates with Alice and Sandra. 

The "wake up at 3pm and only get out of bed for food" post clubbing tradition which Sandra and I have now formed. 


Went into Aesop for the first time so Sandra could grab some products and ended up spending $65 woops.... 

Lock n Load with Adrienne! They took sweet potato chips with the cheese sauce off the menu and a bit of my heart cracked apart :( 


 Kinn Thai for dinner. 

 Went to Lock n Load again..... 

 Chicken teriyaki from Seoul Bistro. 

 Got stopped on the street by 10% People!

 Eight Street. 

Tried Hot Star for the first time and was actually pretty disappointed :( I much prefer the chicken and sweet potato chips from Garden Station. 


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