January 23, 2015

Photo & caption update LIII

Okay, so obviously the beginning of this year and blogging aren't getting along very well and I'M SORRRYYYYYY! I actually haven't been at home a lot lately since I've been trying to make the most of my quickly disappearing Summer. The only reason I've been at home today for a few solid hours is because I managed to catch my second cold/fever/whatever-this-thing-is of the season zzz. I've lined up a couple of posts over the next fortnight just in case I go missing again so at least I would have recapped what's been going on lately for you guys. In the meantime, I hope everybody has had a fantastic January so far :')

 Typical Hanaichi lunches before quick shopping trips at Garden City. 

 Tea at 10 in the morning while blasting airconditioning. 

 Melted into a puddle while having lunch at Rogue.

 They didn't plate my pancakes properly :( 

 Aileen finaaaally took Sandra and I to Shouk and I loved everything about it from the service to the location to the staff!

 The waffles were A+ but so sweet that I could barely get through two of them. 

Fail #ootd photo location scouting. 


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