July 11, 2014

Photo & caption update XLIII

It's currently 8pm on a Friday night and I'm tucked away in bed watching Games of Thrones instead of bowling with my friends because somebody *cough* D A N N Y *cough* forgot to warn me that he was sick before he offered me to share his potato and gravy. I have been completely overwhelmed over the last fortnight with work (waking up at 6:30am during Winter is not fun at all) and catching up with friends so as always, I apologise for the delay on my promised posts. In the mean time, here's what I've been up to! 

She's the weirdest thing you'll ever meet. 

Finally met up with the BSHS girls for the first time in FOREVER as a group. We went shopping at Chermside and stopped off at Gallery Cafe for brunch. Don't be fooled, the presentation isn't great but it tastes pretty damn good. 

Also went to Peony for the first time in ages. 

Sticky date pudding from Passion Tree.

Brisbane River isn't very pretty.. proud to say that I made the only catch of the day. 

Jeans from ASOS, boots from Iconic. 

Traditional trips to Maccas after every trip. 

Went to the Sofitel buffet (Thyme? I think) with my coworkers. If you're not into seafood, it probably won't be worth the money.

Top from Bardot, skirt from ASOS. 

Breakfast at the Liaw household before heading to Harbour Town! 

LITTLE JORDYYYY. So in love with this little ball of adorable happiness. 

Dem eyelashes and dat brow game. 

Jason went down to Sydney about a week ago to pick up his new boo thang. 

Chicken satay skewers, pad thai and pan fried noodles - all with an extra fried egg, of course. 

Lunch after work with Adrii and Jinwook at The Coffee Club. They got baked eggs and I got the most delicious croque monsieur ohhh man. 

They ain't pretty but they tasted good aight. I really wanna be able to bake from scratch by the end of the year!


A very satisfied Xiao Bai. 

Went to Sweet Treat for the first time and absolutely loved it! $10 creme brulee? Sold. Jason got peanut butter toast with vanilla bean ice cream. 

Went ice skating with BSHS 12 group and Jason had to use one of the kid's penguins to not fall over. 

Phong tried to join on and ruined everything. 

Some new food photos from Vietnamese Corner that aren't sweet and sour pork. 

Jason and I were cruising randomly and drove past a circus. 

Outfit photo with bae. 

Brunch at Shingle Inn. I fell in love with earl grey tea and cried a little bit when I realised they serve whipped cream with their scones WHY!? 

Hot chocolate milk tea from Chatea. You guys should definitely check it out if you're near Sunnybank Plaza. It's just behind Maccas and is the best place to chill out with friends.

Sweet pork and fish curry from Seoul Bistro.

The owner offered us some free cake yummm!

Went to Wellington Point with the BSHS 12 group.


Who loves chicken salt!?

I kept losing my bait so I started using starburst lollies instead. 

Had to protect bae's eyes because she said it was too sunny. 

Ordered from T2 since they were having 18% off their entire site. Love their packaging! 

Adorable one serving samples. 

Was super confused about why I had an extra box of tea and then realised that they were sweet enough to send me a free box of their lemongrass and ginger. 

Tried out their citrus punch sample. It's jam packed with flavour and definitely gives you that kick you need in the morning. 

A little bit disappointed with their apple crumble but to be honest I didn't know what I was even expecting. It tastes like hot apple juice HAHA. 

You all have noooo idea how long I've been waiting for this day. After I completed the first mandatory accounting unit of my degree I knew that I absolutely hated it and would never be able to do well but instead of listening to myself and applying for a course change at the beginning of this year, I gave it another shot and took a second mandatory commerce accounting unit only to be kicking myself weeks later. I actually went to drop the unit during the semester but then found out I was TWO HOURS late from no academic penalty so I dealt with it anyway but now hooooray! It'll be gone and I never have to touch it again. I know that a lot of people are really skeptical of single business degrees and yes, I realise that my employability might have dropped but commerce made me so unhappy that it definitely wasn't worth it. 

Tea dates at Tea Centre. 

VSA soccer game - RED ARMY!!

 Picked up my ASOS groove so you can now sign up for ASOS student emails at My Cube Garden City!

 Jason and I are going to try get a Hog's Breath frequent diner card by the end of this month. 

 Bought EUS engineering ball tickets from a $2 """"high speed"""" internet kiosk. 

 Took Jason to Chatea for the first time! Iced oolong tea and combination ice cream. 

Hope all of you in Brisbane have been rugged up and that everybody else has been enjoying their break! I will definitely talk to you all again soon x, s. 

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