June 29, 2014

Photo & caption update XLII

It has been exactly a month since I last posted and I've decided to make a mini pact with myself to put more effort into my blog and social media activity over the Winter break. I've been limiting activity on certain platforms (especially Instagram) because I feel like a lot of my photos aren't of a good enough standard but hey - at the end of the day if I wanna share it with people who want to see it then it shouldn't be that much of a deciding factor. I'll be giving my blog the much needed face lift it needs and will be formatting the pictures in the posts slightly differently to make them way clearer for your viewing pleasure!

So, what have I been up to? I started Games of Thrones two days ago and holyyyyy damn, what have I gotten myself into? I just got off my exam period and by the end of the first episode, I felt as stressed as I did ten minutes before my business research final :( Nonetheless it is absolutely AMAZING and definitely didn't fall short of what everybody's been telling me. I'll be starting Friends, Orange is the New Black, and probably a couple of other series as well during this break to make sure that I make the most out of it.

Mel and I went to Cowch to try out the new cocktail/dessert bar. My honest opinion? I absolutely love the location and design itself but (taking into consideration that I went within the first two weeks of their opinion), it was pretty obvious that the staff were in need of proper training. They're 10/10 friendly but many of them were still unsure of the menu. Food wise, I wasn't a huge fan of the froyo or churros. My favourite bit of the day was the mint and raspberry ice cream mmmm.

I wasn't a huge fan of their ice cream but I think it's just a personal preference because it tastes super creamy like the brand Bulla.

 I love these lights!

  Udder puffs and strawberries and cream gourmet pizza.

 Plus the froyo dipping bowl!

Top from ebay, skirt from a boutique in Melbourne called Parade (on Chapel Street).

 Dinner at Mappen.

 Baked at Jason's house.

 Super fail macarons woops.

 Typically Viet Corner dates and my newly found love affair with butterscotch hot chocolate.

 Traded out my Mimco pouch for a Kate Spade wallet!

 Top and boots from ASOS, bag from Sportsgirl, skirt from Supre, belt from Dotti.

 Dinner at Seoul Bistro for the first time ever.

 Jason's adoraaaaaaable nephew.

 To celebrate his Jordy's first month and lunch at Beach House.

 Dress from Verge Girl, boots from ASOS.

 Lunch at Miel.

More Viet Corner dates, Jason and I thought we could finish a family box HAHAHA

Received an extremely pleasant gift from Jetstar.

 Everything ASOS with tags still attached!

 Viet Corner (yes, I really like sweet and sour pork ok), Madtongsan.

 Bought Jason a matching phone case #vomit.

 Went to my first ever Downshift event and probably developed early hearing problems.

 *woops the circle cut off* sleeping over at Hayley's

 Can you believe that her dog is still a puppy and not even a year old yet...?

 Watch from Fossil, jacket from Dissh, dress from Shop Market HQ, boots from Iconic, bag from Sportsgirl.

Had dinner at South Side Diner with Hayley after an exam and did not enjoy it at all :| Staff were unpleasant, food is really overpriced.

 Sweet potato chips and buffalo wings.

Finally made my way to The Tea Centre for a solo study session. Tried out their strawberries and cream tea - loved everything about the place!

Face before 8am exams :( 

So, that just about concludes everything in the last month woohoo! I'll definitely be trying to do a lot more posts about how I do my makeup, how I curl my hair etc. so leave a comment or message in my ask.fm (in the sidebar) and I'll do my best to see if they're doable. Hope everybody's rugged up and enjoying their break so far. Much love, s. 

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