July 21, 2014

Photo & caption update XLIV

Hello from the comfort of my heated room! I've surprisingly managed to have a decent amount of (albeit majority food guilt based) adventures so I'd advise you to proceed reading with caution if you're hungry. 

 Karaage and teriyaki chicken from Seoul Bistro. 
 Lychee lemonade float from their new Winter drinks menu *drools*.
 Free dessert tasting platter from management. First green tea dessert that I actually liked. 
Made a stop off at Hayley's house to drop off her birthday box filled with Korean make up products. Happy 19th you absolute weirdo! 
 Recent addiction to earl grey tea because of Alice.
 Forgot the name but it was some type of breakfast crepe which was A+.
 Date nights at Grill'd.
 Got my dress for QUT engineering ball!
Got impressions done for my teeth to get whitening trays made up. 

 Will do a post about at home bleaching soon!
 Pizza dates at the Tran household. 
 Lunch at Sukachi.
 WELCOME TO MA CRIB - and my third fish eye lens which I hopefully won't lose.
 Adrii the panda freak.
 FINALLY got to have brunch with Jason. 
 Went to Tazza Coffee in West End. 
 The most delicious buttermilk pancakes with hazelnut ice cream and salted caramel sauce.

Jason takes better photos of our food than I do.
 Went to the Deep Oceans exhibition and was kinda disappointed - not worth the $12 to be honest..
  Jason's favourite. 
 Bonsai Botanika. 

Went to the Night Noodle Markets with high hopes only to be thoroughly disappointed.. Lines were long, service was slow, food was mediocre and definitely overpriced. Jason's jaw dropped when he found out I paid $10 for 5 pieces of har gow......
 From the famous bun mobile - probably the best thing we had all evening.
 Roti and satay skewers. 
 THIS WAS THE MOST UGH WTF THING I HAVE EVER TASTED. They're meant to be dessert gyoza filled with salted caramel so yeah duh, I bought it as soon as I read the sign but DAAAMN - whatever those dumplings were filled with, it definitely wasn't salted caramel. It was like a really, really salty mushy texture which was just n. o. At least the ice cream tasted good though. 
 Adrii took me to New Farm for the first time to have brunch at Pablo. 
 I got french toast and Adrii got a minced meat dish - both super yum! Favourite part of the meal was Adrii's oreo milkshake. 

.... yeah I'm going to go microwave myself a box of lasagna now. Still another week of holidays for me thanks to being a UQ student so hopefully I'll be able to make the most out of it! I can't believe I'm turning 19 in just a few days. So excited to spend time with some of my girls on Friday :) Hope you're all well and happy! x.

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Gina Nguyen said...

panda onesie is so adorable!!