July 17, 2014

Guilt filled weekend

Hi lovelies! I've been having the WORST food guilt issues ever since last Sunday after I went to the French Festival. Jason and I were only there for about two and a half hours but ate over a months worth of dessert. I spent way too much money and this means I've been spending my days at home with my iPhone feed being cluttered with the same photos of macarons and creme brulee from five days ago. Adrienne always tells me that the first step to recovery is acknowledging that the problem exists, so here are the confessions from my fat filled weekend. 

 Make up cake up on for girls night on Saturday.

Liane and Libby! Started the night with early McDonalds and ended the night with champagne and cupcakes. 

 Went to Maccas again the same night to buy a thank you meal for Jason after he picked me up. 

Starting my Sunday with a cup of Terrific Toffee by T2. 

$5 creme brulee and 6 for $10 macarons!? *check out that gorgeous South Bank grass*  

 Two salted caramel, two chocolate, one nutella and one raspberry macaron. 

Behold my beautiful mille feuille ashdioashdoih. 

 My partner in crime. 

 *drools all over laptop* 

 My second creme brulee and the most amazing churros Jason and I have literally ever tasted. 

After we were completely bloated, we started to head back to Jason's and agreed that we wouldn't have dinner before he dropped me off later in the evening. 

Two hours after the festival - we decide to go to Viet Corner and share a dish before we head home. 

Three hours after the festival - we arrive at Viet Corner and decide to get one dish each because we wanted different things. 

Three and a half hours after the festival - our plates are completely cleared. 

*breathes heavily* It seriously doesn't help that the Noodle Night Markets are on for the next ten days either but hey, I'm going to give myself a bit of a break because it's my birthday soon (hooray!). Straight after that, time to watch what I eat again :( At least I won't be craving creme brulee for a reaaaaally long time. Love, s. 

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