May 5, 2014

Travel Diaries - Cairns: Day 03

Hi! Sorry for the break in between travel diaries but Alice suddenly called me when I was two lines into writing this post during a study break about a week ago so... yeah - my bad. I'm incredibly sad to say that this is my last Cairns post but nonetheless I had so much fun post-processing these photos so hopefully they'll tickle your fancy. Jason and I spent most of our last day on an all day snorkeling trip we booked from Adrenalin [click here for the link]. 

I was a bit disappointed purely because the weather during our trip was perfect up until this day where the sky decided to be overcast and the current/wind decided to be RIDICULOUSLY strong. Our trip to the snorkeling location was prolonged by an extra hour and let me tell you - I took sea sickness pills and still managed to end up on the back of the boat for 2.5 hours with another quarter of the passengers. Meanwhile, Jason was curled up on his seat in fetal position. 

6AM wake up!

Not going to lie - I was so excited for snorkeling but when I actually got there it took me a few good minutes to throw myself into the water (even with a life jacket on). 

Jason isn't a very good swimmer so he refused to go solo and spent most of the trip attached to a life ring which one of the instructors on board used to tow him and a couple of other people around.

On board buffet lunch.

After the tour was over, we went home to our apartment and rested for a bit before heading back out for our final night! We went back to Happy 4 10 again after loving it so much on the first night we ate there. 

Jason and I still talk about the food there every other day . :( 

Sat in the indoor seating area this time.

Mango ice tea and the best kastu chicken ever. Jason's jaw pretty much hit the table after it came out looking super juicy while sizzling on the hot plate *stomach grumbles*.

Had my first grilled salmon rice bowl yummmyyy!

After dinner we walked along the Esplanade and Jason challenged us to eat at every ice cream store from the point we started, all the way back to our apartment. There were about seven but holy crap we only made it two stores down before I started falling into food coma #weak.

Choc lava cake from Baskin Robbins (the brownie is way better and more worth your money) and Cold Rock.

Aaaand that brings an end to our Cairns trip. Some of you might be wondering why there are only three posts even though we stayed for three nights and the answer to that is that I actually had to take a 6AM flight out of Cairns to make my way back for an ASOS Ambassador training day!

This position is different to my previous one with them where I'll be working among 20 other Australian ASOS ambassadors. I'll be representing the brand for the rest of the academic year, creating written material for their ASOS student hub (will post a link when it's up and running!), promoting #thehundredproject, and running on-campus activities to make things fun for students woohoo. I'll be uploading something up later this week to explain how you guys can get involved :-) Until then, hope you're all rugged up and well! Much love, s.

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