April 24, 2014

Travel Diaries - Cairns: Day 02

*Please prepare for super saturated photos, I don't know what I was doing :(* I have to say that day 2 of my trip was definitely my favourite! My lovely friend Marilyn recommended a full 7:30am-7:30pm day tour called Captain Matty's Barefoot Tour (the guide literally does the whole trip barefoot, like wow???). The trip cost a very well worth it $85 and Jason and I absolutely loved every bit of it! The photos from our tour haven't been released yet but I'll be sure to upload them in a later photo and caption update if they're any good. The tour picked us up at 7:30am from our apartment free of charge and after picking everybody else up, we went to a market to pick up some snacks.

Jason and I laughed.

Jason and I bought some fresh pastries from a lovely lady before heading off on a mini 45 minute road trip with the rest of our group. First stop, Josephine Falls!

Walsh's pyramid.

By the way, I left Cairns looking as pale as I did when I arrived :(

I can't even begin to explain how gorgeous this place looked! The water was so pristine and fresh that the guide told us to fill up our water bottles with it. You could see every rock and speck of dirt because it was literally that clear ohhh man.

Moss everywhere!

First swimming location! Didn't manage to get a photo of it but there was a rock slide you could go down.

Morning tea break! I had my first hot cross bun yummm.

I can't remember how this came up but I somehow convinced Jason to let me put a ridiculous temporary tattoo sleeve on him. It was glittery and had dragons, butterflies and roses on it.

Road side stops to pick up some more fruit.

Endless tea leaf fields!

Can't remember what this waterfall was called but check out that rainbow!

That thing in this photo is actually a toilet - the guide was telling us a story about how people were complaining that there were no facilities in the cemetery, hence resulting in somebody thinking it was a good idea to make a toilet stall in the shape of a coffin. The townspeople later complained again and it was moved to a nearby field.

Arriving at Millaa Milla falls!

YOU HAVE NO IDEA how long it took for me to get into this water. It was freeezing even though the sun was out and I couldn't even get anywhere near the waterfall because I wasn't a strong enough swimmer.

Weirdo walking in the water with thongs on.


*holds breath* 

McHugh Lookout - you MUST see this before you die. 

Final stop of the day at this incredible fresh water lake - Lake Eacham.

*bobs around on a noodle*

Phew, looking back at this post just reminds me of how exhausted I was when we got back to our apartment. I'm surprised we even managed to have dinner out.. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this post because I loved putting it together. Can't wait to upload the final post soon! x, s.

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