May 29, 2014

Photo & caption update XLI

Hi guys! I'm so sorry (as per usual). I had no idea how long it'd been since I last posted an update so here is everything in the last month for you. I'll do my best to upload some more before I jump into SWOTVAC week but knowing me there's a high chance I'll probably upload during that week as a form of somewhat productive procrastination *le sigh*. In other quick news, my birthday is less than two months away and hence I'm already planning how to spend my birthday week. So far I've got down a high tea at Bacchus South Bank with some very attractive ladies and also a (hopefully to be confirmed) two night get away up in a retreat.

Houndstooth bomber and plaid chiffon top from Supre, boots from ASOS.

Late night studying with a view while Jason and Benson fished at Breakfast Creek!

Brunch for one at Brew. I am definitely not a muesli person.

Face for Tyga!!!

Went out with some Supre girls for Hannah's 19th and Tyga at Lust.


Dinner with extra fried eggs at Bolan.

Pan fried noodles.

Tried out San Churro's Winter Menu.

Fishing at Port of Brisbane.


Food adventures.

Pre-party food at Miel!

Most amazing view from a Brisbane apartment so far!

Kelly got me hooked onto MAC Fix Plus! I keep it in my bag and use it as a daily refresher now. 

Finally restocked at My Cube.

Dinner at Mappen and Viet Corner.

Jeans from ASOS, cross body from Dotti, tartan bomber from Supre.

Caught up with Evee while she was in Brisbane at LocknLoad.

Online shopping from ASOS and iHerb. I'm not a huge fan of Real Technique brushes but I actually really like this set! 

Clothing all ASOS, bag from Sportsgirl.

Peanut butter honey bread from Passion Tree (actually love this) and dinner at New Shanghai.

My independent baby :( 

Fluff from Dissh, jeans from ASOS. Dinner at Maru.

Papa Liaw made us hot chocolate teehee.

Egg breakfast for my Adrii boo thang. Benson's catch at Rabi Bay!

Dinner at Tuk Tuk near the Gold Coast after visiting Jason's nephew for the first time.

Nume Lustrum finally arrived in the mail.

Coat from Mias Closet, dress from Parade (Chapel St. Melbourne), shoes from ASOS.

Dinner at Oishii MMM my favourite! Himawari and grilled salmon. 

Post dinner snacks with Jason from Hanaro Mart.

Tea infuser bottle! Kind of regretful about buying this. I totally forgot that plastic absorbs the smell and taste of tea so it smells funky now...

Socks and sandals while Jason cleans his car. Xiao Bai and his baths.

Dinner at Les Amourex for the first time ever. MOST AMAZING PAPPA ROTI FROM MARKET SQUARE.

Work lunch meals, obviously very healthy.

Dinner at Mazri Kitchen.

We have this thing where we always take a selfie before I get out of his car after he drops me home.

Woohoo how exciting! I'm featured on the ASOS student hub. Click here to check it out :) 

Just HAD to buy this tea after having it at Passion Tree Velvet.

AND VOILA! There you have it :) I hope all of you in Brisbane have been enjoying the warmer weather because I definitely have. Hopefully I'll see you again very soon. Much love, s.

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Tharangni said...

good to see you back and amazing photos as usual :)