May 15, 2014

Passiontree Velvet

Hi! I recently had the pleasure of trying out Passiontree Velvet with a couple of lovely ladies. They opened just a few weeks ago at Westfield Carindale and can be found infront of JB Hi Fi. It's a branch off of the original Passiontree dessert cafe in the city however, they differ where Passiontree Velvet is more of a tea house. I personally love having high tea but all of the higher rated (and more expensive) high teas are usually found on the Gold Coast so this place is definitely a yes when it comes to my wallet and location!

Feature dessert menus which are similar to what they offer at Passiontree.

One section of the seating area they offer - there's a whole other section on the right of the counter.

Delicious hand made chocolates done by their chocolatiers.

Cake displays - they have 20 different flavours of macarons ohhh boy.

Best tea I've ever had in my life! I love super sweet, vanilla teas and this one is Paris by Harney & Sons. Their tea is imported from England (I believe). A pot of tea is $7.50 and the waiters kindly refill the water every time you reach the bottom.

Belgium Bites - $13.95 | The Duchess Full High Tea - $34.95pp

Absolutely in love with their packaging for cakes, truffles and macarons.

I had the loveliest experience here so I'd definitely recommend it if you just happen to be around! Hope all of you are enjoying your week so far. I'm physically and mentally exhaaausted. x, s. 

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