April 12, 2014

Photo & caption update XL

Why hasn't it been a while!? I am officially done with all my mid-semester exams (all the ones before the week break at last) and therefore I am FREEEEE. I'll be heading out shortly to celebrate Hannah's 19th birthday so here's a quick summary of what's to come: this week you guys should be looking forward to upcoming travel diaries during my vacation in Cairns and also a release of some new flower crowns which I am incredibly overdue to get done muahah! Super excited :)

Cookies for Jason and default uni meal.

Dinner at Jojo's with my favourite girl!

I GOT SO MAD. I've recently been in a steak phase and was so disappointed in this rump I ordered - I don't even understand how it tasted so bad. I paid $27 for all of that stuff on the plate on the right and after a half an hour wait (20 minutes after Adrii's pad thai came out) I HAD TO SEND IT BACK because they made it well done for me instead of med rare ugh. Even after I got it back it was still super chewy and just - ugh, no. 

Dinner catch ups at New Shanghai with Aijia and Alis. 

Food coma dates with Jason at Hog's Breath. Would not recommend the mozzarella sticks..

Future promo model right here. 

Waffles from Passion Tree. 

After uni dates at Kadoya!

My little love bug. 

First meal of the year at Red Room and personally delivered macarons from ze boyfran. 

Tuesday special steaks at Perks mmmm. 

Seriously, this scarf was way bigger than I thought it would be. 

Study catch ups with Henry and Josh.

Ootd | econ exam. 

Jason and I had Baskin Robins for the first time in literally years - died and went to heaven tbh. 

Thanks Sandra!!


The most adorable hot chocolate from Bonsai Botanika.
For all of the lovers out there.

You're okay I guess.. 

Best chicken curry ever! Dinner at Oishii. 

Dessert at Casamia Paris. 

Accounting is literally the most miserable thing to ever happen to me. 

FAVOURITE Mon & Tue special t-bone steak from Sweet Delicious | Mos Burger.

Hayley's dog all grown up!

Bothering My Cube girls at work with Jason and Salina.

Romantic dinner dates. 

Spontaneously decided to give tea a try! Spent like $25 on my first visit. I reaaally like the creme brulee box I like but I only enjoy it when there's a bit of honey and milk added into it like suggested! Not particular amazing on its own.

Woo all done! I'm super sorry for all the messiness/gramatical errors/bad sentences but I just wanted to put something up for you guys before I left the house tonight. All my love and I hope you're well, s. 

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