March 17, 2014

Photo & caption update XXXIX

Hello! I know it's been a while since I last posted a P&C update but good things come with time and today I have a MASSIVE post for you guys :) I'm starting to get into the busier time of my semester now so I apologise in advance if this blog is quiet for next month or so. In the mean time feel free to follow my updates on Twitter and Instagram

Ordered a stack of stuff from Cotton On.

Can't stop playing with Moment Cam HAHA.

Late night fishing at Breakfast Creek with Jason.

Got a brand new free mouch!

Finally convinced myself to get an iPad 2 after a billion years.

Food coma at Hogs Breath.

Back to uni zzz..... Caro started me drinking coffee again.

Lunch with Jsn at Mos!

Love Nominom because their froyo doesn't taste like froyo.

Adrii Masterchef cooked me dinner yum!

Her extremely late birthday present also arrived! Soooo pretty. 

Ordered a full sized Mario Badescu bottle and got some awesome samples with my order! Knit from Dotti, skirt from Chicabooti, bag from Forever New. 

Ate at Sweet Delicious for the first time.

Cairns planning over steak. The menu there is reaaally overpriced imo. Probably only worth going for the T-bone steak (Only $10 on Mondays and Tuesdays) because the mushroom sauce was amaaazing!

Desserts were okay - liked the sorbet more than the actual creme brulee :( 

Birthday McFlurries HAHAHA.

Finally got to go to Ikea! Was meant to get a mirror, a stool and a white book case but only came out with a mirror :( Also got a super soft shower mat and 10 blocks of Ikea chocolate. 


Tried out a new place that opened in Elizabeth arcade. Wouldn't recommend the sweet and sour pork but the black bean noodles people were eating at the table next to us looked pretty good!

Popped my Gong Cha cherry! I think the tea/milk tea are pretty normal but the toppings take it to a whole other level mmm.

Top from ASOS, skirt from Supre, belt from Dotti, flatforms from Portmans, floppy hat from Cotton On, bag from Forever New. 

Brunch at my favourite place with my favourite girl! Lock & Load in West End. 

Hash cakes and sweet potato chips with blue cheese aoili.

Green eggs and ham with roasted/grilled potatos.

Mixed berry & mint frappe.

Very disappointed with the new Tim Tams :( The salted caramel smells a bit different but tastes exactly the same as the normal caramel ones.

Welcome to the favourite part of my entire post! I went to a baby shower just yesterday to celebrate Jason's sister. We had high tea at Sheraton Mirage and ooooh my goodness, I wish that I could put into words how incredible the entire place looked. 

Congratulations Shirlyn!!! Can't wait to meet him.

Phew! That was a lot to get through. Hope you guys enjoyed the post and enjoy the rest of your week :) Jason and I literally just booked out tickets to Cairns so I can't wait to put together those travel diaries muahaha. x, s. 

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