March 1, 2014

Marketing with ASOS

I still cannot believe I am lying here in my bed, able to type THIIIIS post for you guys. I talked a little bit about this job a couple of photo & caption updates ago so all these words below are for people wanting to know specifics on how you can apply for a similar position and the recruitment process!

At the end of last year I got an email from StudentVIP saying that they were looking for students to work on campus during o-week with Student Marketing Australia. The position was paid and they listed that you could work for well established companies like Officeworks or Commonwealth Bank so I didn't really have a reason to not apply. All you had to do was fill in a short survey with a couple of details about yourself (no resume required) so it was easy enough!

A couple of days later one of the girls from SMA gave me a call and conducted a short fifteen minute phone interview. This bit of the recruitment process was pretty easy - they mostly asked you to talk about yourself so I think they were just observing your communication skills and how you responded to people. She told me that if I made it through to the next recruitment round then they'd email me a written application to complete within a couple of days.

This written application stressed me out so damn bad. No idea why but I literally left it four hours before it was due and ended up being really unhappy with what I'd sent them. In this part of the recruitment process, they asked you to specifically list examples of where you were confident, reliable, trustworthy, outgoing and responsible as well as a bunch of other things like popular places at uni where people hang out and general marketing ideas to get students interested in a campaign.

SMA emailed me within a couple days of submitting my application and notified me that I had made it to the last round of their recruitment process which was a face-to-face interview. It was at this stage that they showed candidates the available campaigns to work with and the moment I saw ASOS on the list I ONLY WANTED ASOS (yeah, okay I know. Probably not the best way to approach a potential job). This interview shook me so bad ashodiahso. It was broken into two parts - the first you answered questions against another person and the second you had to physically role play/deliver campaign ideas based on a piece of stimulus they gave you. LET'S JUST SAY I THOUGHT I TOTALLY BLEW IT. I was honestly so head over heels happy when I got the phone call letting me know I'd been hired because seriously, I have a way of always screwing up amazing opportunities.

Okay anyway moving on from all of that stuff! Here's what Market Day at UQ looked like for me :)

Huge truck worth of stuff just for us!

Had to set literally all of this up from scratch and nearly died in the process. We couldn't even get the marquee up on our own awks...

Made the girls in my team some flower crowns!

ASOS wanted us to get out a lot of hype about The Hundred Project. This is a challenge set by ASOS where they want you to upload 100 outfits (don't have to be ASOS brand and you can re-wear clothing from previous outfits) with the hashtag #thehundredproject on either Twitter or Instagram. Once you've completed the challenge they send you a unique discount code which gives you 25% off their site all year round! The person who has the best outfits from the challenge will be sent ~$2500 worth of giftcards to use on the ASOS site ooooooh baby.  

The left bit of the stall was for the Hundred Second Challenge. This game was  designed to give out $10 vouchers but it got way too busy to play. All you had to do was dress one of the mannequins in 100 seconds and if yours was the best you won a voucher! 

All done! Hope this post was helpful to those of you who were interested. If you've got any other questions please do send them to my I just bought the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette yesterday so be expecting a huge fan girl post on that soonish. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! x,s.

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