March 6, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

I can say with complete confidence that it was love at first sight with this palette. I came across it when I was grabbing another Too Faced palette for Jason's sister and oooooooh my gosh it is really the most adorable eyeshadow palette I've ever seen. I bought this palette for $69.95 from Kit Cosmetics inside of Myer after Mecca told me that they were completely out of stock. Here is a short list of reasons of why I love this palette:

  • The packing, seriously. Must I say more about this?
  • The eyeshadows in this palette are made up of cocoa powder which means the entire palette actually smells like chocolate!! 
  • The palette has a good mixture of both matte (my favourite) and shimmery eyeshadows.
  • The names of the colours make me so hungry!

I didn't take any swatches of the larger shades because my camera didn't pick them up very well but the one at the top is called White Chocolate (a matte eggshell colour) and the one at the bottom is called Champagne Truffle (a shimmery powder white)!

Pigmentation - 7/10
Other than the colour Hazelnut (full on pigmentation), all the shades in this palette are at a good level of pigmentation where you're able to clearly see the transition between sheer to opaque based on how much you built it up. This makes blending super easy for beginners since it's a lot easier to control.

Colour selection - 8/10 
Although a majority of these shades are brown, you can definitely distinguish each colour from the other! They're all vibrant and I love how there's a range of not only shimmery, but also matte shades to work with. The only thing this palette really lacks in my opinion is a deep brown/black.

Durability - 7.5/10
I've been using this eyeshadow palette in conjunction with a primer which came in my Lorac Pro Palette. This rating is a bit iffy because I know that the primer does a bomb job but either way it lasts all day so I can't complain. The lesson here is to invest in a good eyelid primer! 

Packaging - 6.5/10 
Okay, I know this rating is really low considering how much I absolutely LOVE this packaging but when you actually sit down and look at this palette, it's quite fat. I think they could've made the palette a bit thinner to look a bit more like the dimensions of a real chocolate bar. Either that or at least with the height of the palette, they could've made a space to hold an eyeshadow brush.

Hope you guys are enjoying your week so far :) x, s. 

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