February 19, 2014

Photo & caption update XXXVIII

Someone please help me - university is starting soon and I'm scared because I still don't know what I'm majoring in after this semester. 

Between my last post and this one I had the pleasure of enjoying a very, very lovely Valentine's Day. Jason surprised me with half a dozen long stemmed roses before taking me to have a couple of bites at the Eat Street Markets. Oooooh my gosh if you're in Brisbane and haven't been yet you NEEEED to go. We ended up liking it so much that we cancelled our actual dinner reservations. My piece of advice is to go early. I got there at 4:30pm (about half an hour after it starts) and there weren't many people but two hours later when we left, it was paaacked with people lining up for everything. 

My little fluff ball of joy.

Finally tried out Bombay Dhaba at West End. If you go during Monday-Friday for lunch you can get any curry for $10 and then either rice for $1 or naan bread for $2. The butter chicken was sooo sweet but I loved it nonetheless. The only disappointing part was the chicken because it was quite hard and dry but I think the curry definitely made up for it.

Adrii adopted her first child - Mr Teddy. He was the last one and she couldn't get him the day before so she took him to the top floor of the store and chucked him under a heap of stock so that no one else would find him HAHA. 

Caro the Starbucks addict. 

Dinner at New Shanghai.

Order from Urban Outfitters arrived!

Most satisfying dinner at Sukachi mmmmm dat sushi. 

With Nina at Teresa's 18th birthday! 

Jason's Valentine's Day gift! He did a post about it on his own blog here.

Chicken shu mai dumplings and a mini korean burger.

Love potion smoothie, chicken skewers, curry puffs and nutella filled crepes.

Lined up for nearly half an hour for these mocktails but daaaayum they were so good. 

Lychee and pink lady apple mocktails!

Wagyu and onion Tasmanian snag. 

Eating mint chocolate DipnDots while we watched a cruise ship depart into the sunset. 

Drove up to Mt. Gravatt look out. 

The roses started drooping today so I decided to press them. 

Sent Adrii Valentine's day flowers which arrived a friggen day late wtf (hence her hand gesture HAHAH).

Mr Teddy and his baby brother. 

Deep fried ice cream from Little Singapore and dinner at Viet Corner. 

Went on my first fishing trip in years to Port of Brisbane with some of the guys from high school.

Grateful for all day breakfast places! Adrii and I had grilled fish and a breakfast burrito at Paw Paw Cafe. 10/10 would definitely go again. 

I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your week! xo, s. 

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Kathy said...

Hi Sarah! I'm Kathy, a uni student from California and I am thinking about vacationing in Australia with friends sometime next year.

We're currently scoping out potential hotel locations and was wondering if you had any recommendations since I really like the style of some of the cafes and restaurants you frequent based on your blog.

Your blog is adorable, by the way. :)