January 3, 2014

Photo & caption update XXXIII

Hello hello from the first photo and caption update of the year. Wishing you all the best and hoping you guys make the most of it! I spent new year's eve having a low key BBQ with a bunch of friends at Jason's place. No news apart from that so onto the photos :)

Gorgeous girls (and Elon) modelling my crowns at My Cube Garden City!

Elon was offended that I didn't use this in my cube.....

Elon's super lazy and adorable dog.

Benny and Snowy.

Dinner at Top Hot Pot!

Always love chicken dates at Garden Station.

Photowonder magic.

Jason and I can't even cook oven food properly.

Tried out the new Madtongsan that opened up at Sunnybank Market Square - the food isn't as great as MTS I or III tbh and it's so hard to talk because of the constant noise but the interior is soooo pretty. 

Creme brulee from Casamia Paris for dessert.


For the first time ever we had too much food at an event.

These cuties are the best things ever.

"I'm not red, it's just the shirt."

Love of my life.

xo, s.

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