December 26, 2013

Photo & caption update XXXII

I'm not too much of a festive person but nonetheless it always makes me so happy to see people coming together to bond over quality time. I spent this Christmas day with Jason trying to find Cedar Creek waterhole but nah uh, we absolutely suck with directions so we pretty much just trekked along a bunch of rocks for half an hour before giving up and heading home since it was way too hot anyway. Hopefully you guys had a much more entertaining day!

Absolutely loved the view during the drive to Samford.

Sunset view twenty floor stories up!

Took advantage of Passion Tree's 10 for $15 macaron deal *drools all over floor*.

Garden Station with good company and good conversation.

Finally got to meet Salina's photogenic cockatiel!

Most adorable snaps of the week go to Cindy and Sarah mhmm!

Buying myself some Christmas gifts.

Rearranged the top three shelves of my book shelf.

Jenny, Adrii and I decided to spoil my parents! 

Adrii gifted them a MASSIVE box of chocolate (which I will probably end up eating). 

Thanks to the crazily amazing team at My Cube team at Garden City, I am now happy to announce that they are stocking my flower crowns! My little area has a lot of growing to do but hopefully it'll be looking nice and polished by new years eve :)

Again, I hope all of you had a great Christmas! I'll be heading to Westfield Carindale for today's Boxing Day trip and I am honestly so scared. Working at Supre over the last two has pretty much traumatised me for life...

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