January 12, 2014

Photo & caption update XXXIV

Hi lovelies! I can't believe it's almost been 10 days since I last posted - time is still flying by much too fast. I've spent the last couple of days working away so there's nothing incredibly exciting in this post except for Grace's 20th birthday and the fact that I had the pleasure of being featured in one of Bangstyle's articles alongside with some other bloggers :) Click on the photo below to check out the full post: 

I was eating dinner at Grill'd and freaked out because I saw a little baby that looked like Jenny when she was young!!

Caesar's Palace with a beef patty and chips with sweet chilli mayo mmmm.

*creepy stalker shots*

Rainy drives home.

Finally bought this freaking amazing Mimco clutch after watching it for a couple of months. Can't believe I was considering to buy it full price for $240 when I got it for $99 ahhhh *loves*. It even matches my pouch!

Picked up Bobbi's little sister from Chia Chen's house the other night! Her name is Split (because her former brother's name was Banana).

Bought Grace a cupcake stand for her 20th birthday!

Default order every time at Garden Station.

Had an Adrii day out!! Tried to get to French Twist on Melbourne Street for brunch but it was closed so we ate at Era instead.

Eggs benedict, baked eggs and a caramel milkshake.

Went to GOMA for the first time in months.

Dinner at Fusion with Jason!

Upgraded my iPhone 4 to a champagne 5s!! 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! x, s. 

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