May 6, 2016

Photo & caption update LXVIII

Hello lovely people! I've got a quiet night of relaxing before my last day of work for this crazy pre-mother's day week. I don't think I've got much to tell you guys this post so we'll move right along. 

I'm currently trying another cleanser from Kiehl's. It's great if you tend to have more shine-prone skin that clings onto build up easily. 

Alice and I ordered off Mellow Cosmetics (and four other sites hahahahah.....) after seeing Shanxo's swatch video. The order took almost two months to arrive because they lost it but customer service was great and reshipped it quickly.

The formula is slightly sheer but definitely buildable so that it's opaque. Super comfortable and definitely one of my favourite lip cream formulas.

Bento box lunches at Mazri.

 Standard orders of milk tea with less ice, pan fried pork buns and xiao long bao from New Shanghai.

Simon and I finally revisited Thai Siam after more than a year since our second date here!

Dress from Missguided.

Ate this ridiculously delicious and equally unhealthy sundae. 

Simon opening the night for Cosmic Gate!

"Mama what're you doing??"

Finally bought a cheapo knockoff of a Lumee case HAHA.

Dinner at Cafe Le Amoureux with this shish kebab.

Nutella and strawberry crepe with cream!

QUT Law ball with these beautiful boys! Bodysuit from Melrose Avenue and skirt is from Boohoo.



Had intestines for the first time at Go Bull and kind of enjoyed it?? It tasted nice but the more I thought about it being intestines the more I felt sick :(

Corn cheese!

Simon was in a bad mood so I took him to the pet store we usually visit since I knew they had heaps of little puppies just come in!

Tried a new dessert place named Sonder in Pinelands! They specialise in authentic Japanese flavoured desserts and teas. 

Late night dinners at Char Kee.

Trying Passiontree's new dessert menus.

Lunch at Miel.

Close up details! Chi Chi eyebrow pomade, Maybelline brow gel, Stila Windows To The Soul eyeshadow palette, Shwing by The Balm liquid eyeliner, Dimensions de Chanel mascara, Socialeyes false lashes.

Lunch at Kith and Chow with Adrienne.

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