June 8, 2016

Photo & caption update LXIX

Hello lovely people! I hope you have all been well and enjoying the cooler weather. Not much has happened recently so I'll jump straight into this post that was finally put together because I'm procrastinating woops HAHA. Did I happen to mention that these upcoming exams are the very last ones I'll sit before I graduate!?!?

Ordered my Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced and a literally gloss from Kylie Cosmetics! Also received some gifts from Chanel.

BMT with no salad and a strawberry snow shake from Healthy Cup.

Ordered the twix cake from Chester Street Bakery and it was DELICIOUS. Will definitely be ordering another for my birthday.

Visited Pac Fair. Can't wait to see what it looks like with all of the new stores open!

Lunch at Snag Stand yumm.

Home made rainbow cake! 

Baked rice dishes and a corned beef sandwich with Adrienne at Cha Kee.

Happy little jubbly at Ku-O

Late night dinners at Madtongsan.

Taking Lunar to the vet for her check up.


 Got Lunar a new collar hehe.

Rogue Bar and Bistro never disappoints.

My new loves.

Morning walks with Caro.


Dinner at Sings.

 A little before and after of my daily makeup routine.

The usual orders from Sushi Edo.

Woke up from a nap to see this...

Dinner at my new fav chicken place, Momo!! They do AMAZING soy chicken and their little chips on the side are home made

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead of you! Love, S.

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