April 19, 2016

Photo & caption update LXVII

AYEEE your girl came through and kept her promise for once. I've been in bed for about 10 hours straight now after catching the flu from some of my co-workers so before I head to bed I thought I would finish this up incase I get any worse. 

Also, I just noticed that I haven't even given any details about my new kitten!! As you will see from many of my photos in this post, I've got a new addition to my family in the form of a beautiful little black kitty named Lunar. I adopted her for around $150 from Pet Barn Jindalee in case anybody was wondering. She's around four months old now and I've had her for just over a month. I've got absolutely no clue what breed she is because she was just listed as a domestic long hair but Jenny says she looks like she's part tabby because she's got a bit of striping through her coat. 

Priceline haul! Here's a quick review of everything for you guys as well.

Face of Australia Loose Translucent Powder 
Well known because of Lauren Curtis. A great product but I quickly stopped using it because my RCMA powder arrived just a few days after I bought this one. 

Innoxa Blush Duo 
Super pigmented and blends in smoothly.

Models Prefer Multi-Purpose Sponge 
I've recently stepped into the amazing world of baking (SO GOOD) and this little baby is amazing at getting setting powder into the inner and outter corners underneath my eyes. 

Maybelline Brow Drama 
Bought this because I've been looking for an alternative to my Benefit Gimme Brow because it's kind of expensive and it does an alright job. I love how the product sets the brows harder than the Gimme Brow does but I hate the shape of the wand because there's a ball on the end which doesn't give you a lot of control.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Tough as Taupe 
I've been using this product as my eyeshadow primer instead of my usual holy grail Bare Minerals 5 in 1 cream eyeshadow and although the product is a touch hard to get onto a brush it does an equally good job! I don't get any creasing and it blends really nicely as well. Will definitely be getting more of these! 

Maybelline Blur Lipstick in I Like to Mauve it 
I actually lost this and didn't realise until just now so I wouldn't say that it's something I really needed. There's just something about them I'm not super keen about. It's designed to give you an ombre effect with the smudger on the end but it just doesn't seem to work very well. I used to be obsessed with a similar product called the Tony Moly Tok Tok Tint which I think does a much better job since it has a sponge on the end instead of a soft plastic one like this Maybelline one. 

Australis Shadow Sticks in Soiling the Fun and Alluring Velvet 
I absolutely LOVE these! I've been using Soiling the Fun on a daily basis in the centre and inner corner of my lids almost like a glitter base for my highlight shades and it just gives so much extra texture and pigmentation to my shadows. The only thing I would say is that they're a bit tricky to blend since they set quite quickly which is why I've had a bit of trouble using Alluring Velvet.

Glow glow glow! I've start getting a lot more into liquid illuminators (copacabana by Nars) and glosses.

Pad thai at Sings - one of my favourite new places to eat. 

Happy birthday Jun!!

Ice cream sandwich from Lick in Graceville. I love their nutella flavour mmmmm.

Also love their doffles too! It's basically churro flavoured waffles with butter scotch sauce.

KBBQ at Shinbashi UGH my favourite spot.

Bought a tangle teezer in attempt to reduce the amount of hair I rip out of my head. It's been working pretty well but I find that I still need to run another comb through my head just to get through the super dense areas of my hair.

Lunch with Alice at Hayley's Cafe.

Beef omurice from Ku-O.


Venue also has fantastic lighting btw.

Face for white party at Evolution.

Easter feeds at yum cha.

Pajama pants from K-Mart!!

Adrii came to have lunch with me while I was at work! 

Got my hair lightened at Chroma hair studio with a full head of foils and toner. 

Baked rice and chicken dishes at Cha Kee.

Lunar's first visit to the vet!

Standard orders rose tea with strawberry ice cream and fries from Cha Tea. 

Little Singapore.

Celebrated Mel's 21st birthday at Delfina's Bistro!

A cute af photo of Adrii to end the post for tonight.

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead of you. I really want to put up a makeup post when I've got some time because I've got so much to talk about!! Talk very soon, S.

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