April 14, 2016

Photo & caption update LXVI

I AM THE WOOOORST. I'm so sorry as always! I booked a venue for my 21st birthday, I got a cat and my hair is slightly lighter than it was in the photo above. OKAY, let's cut to the chase and have a look at these photos from almost over three months ago! I also had a bit of a hard time getting so many photos ready so this is just the first of possibly two or three catch up photo and caption updates that I WILL get up before the end of the month. 

Made a stop off at Tom's Confectionary Warehouse before I went to the airport and found a tin of these WHICH DIDN'T HAVE SEWING STUFF INSIDE IT!

Snacks to keep me less home sick for the week while I was in Sydney for CHANEL training.

The view from my room! This is actually the first time I've seen the Harbour Bridge since I was about 7. 

Dinner with the work girls for the first night in our hotel.

Evening version.

Face for the first day of training!

Views during the complimentary breakfast buffet.

Gorgeous light walls.

Had my little piece of home over a carb filled dinner with Aileen! 

Gloomy walks to Chatswood 

Dinner with Aileen, Jiwon and Anita the picky fry eater. 

Typical buffet breakfast set up. 


Finally time to go back home!

Views from Eleven rooftop bar. Absolutely gorgeous! 

Lunch at Kinn Thai with Eileen and Alan.

Beef omurice from Ku-O.

Work dinners at Vapiano 


Dinners at Cha Kee

Cheap and delicious things from Sweet Treat.

New watch from Rosefield


Lauren's 21st birthday.

Dinner at Grill'd.

The cutest little phone case ever from eBay! I gave this one to Adrii and have one with pink bunnies on it now.

DELICIOUS pork knuckle from The German Club

Mini birthday celebrations at Cha Tea. 

Hope you guys have a great remainder of your week! All my love, S.

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