August 9, 2015

Photo & caption update LX

Bet it's been a little while since you've seen one of these, huh? Once again and as always, I'm so sorry for the huge gap in between posts. My work is keeping me so busy that I haven't even been able to attend any classes at uni yet. Luckily it's slowing down within the next fortnight and I'm happy to say that I'll be putting up a long over due set of travel diaries! I'll be visiting Byron Bay over three days towards the end of August for a good unwinding to destress before jumping back into uni properly. 

Other than that there's not too much to share with you guys apart from the facts that I've developed an addiction to pulled pork burgers minus slaw from Chur and that I finally got my license just a few days after my birthday.  Hope you enjoy the post!

No joke, I went to this place three times in the span of four days. I absolutely love it because all their burgers are really sweet. The service is amazeballs too. One of the girls saw Simon and I then jumped around waving her arms like we'd been friends for years.

Consistently over ordering from Seoul Bistro. 

Sweet potato wedges in the back!

Dinner with the Nguyen family at The Ox. 

 The Dictator. 

Matchy matchy.

Bought the best basket of fish and chips from a random store and watched the sunset at Wellington Point.


Brunch at Perks. 

The salted caramel cake is freaking DELICIOUS but it's so sweet I could only get through half of it.

 Late night dinner at CharKee.

All you can eat rice paper rolls for Maddy's birthday!

Left: top from Ally, trousers from Missguided, sandals from ASOS.
Right: Coat from BooHoo, skirt from ASOS, top from Ally, flats from Ruby. 

Caro and an overly oily pizza from the French Festival - I was pretty disappointed by the festival this year to be completely honest :( 

AND TADAH, that wraps it up for another photo and caption update! I'll try my best to put up something before I leave to Byron but in the mean time, I hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend and all the best for your week ahead. Thank you all so much for your patience - I can't explain how much I appreciate it, s. 

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