July 29, 2015

I'm blonde!

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Birthday Moet with my beautiful index finger that had a broken nail.

Ta-da! After having it on my bucket list since my senior year of high school I've finally been able to tick it off my list. I got quite a few questions from people asking about my hair so I thought I'd write up a blog post to answer all of them in one go. If I've left anything else out then feel free to leave a question on my ask.fm :)

Where did you go?
Phoenix from ID Brisbane took care of me. I go there regularly for my hair cuts with Scott since they have $50 student cuts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They're located about 15 minutes away from the CBD at East Brisbane and have a car park. 

How much did it cost?
It costs $205 for a lighten and tone - they can take you as light as you want in the one sitting. It's basically a full head bleach and toner. You get an extra 15% off this price if you're a student on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They're really clear on pricing and are sure not to surprise you with anything. If you're really concerned about the health of your hair you can ask about going in for a full head of foils and toning multiple times but it costs a bit more than the lighten and tone and doesn't take you as light either. 

Does Phoenix do ombre and balayage?
Yes! He's doing training soon some time in August so he'll be a fully trained colour technician qualified to do all of that type of work. 

How long did it take?
The bleach and tone took almost four hours. They would have had me sit longer so that my hair could have gone lighter but my scalp couldn't take it. I never understood anybody when they talked about the pain because previously at home when I used bleached I didn't have a problem but oh man, my scalp got so irritated, itchy and started burning. The pain was tolerable for most of the session but by the end of it I couldn't do it. 

How does your hair feel?
It's still feeling super healthy and shiney! I treat it after I shower with a hair oil I picked up from Korea years ago as well as a sunflower oil hair mask from Kiehl's for moisture and colour retention twice a week. 

Is this your finished colour?
Just for now it is. I'm planning to head into the salon again within the next two months or so for another hit of lighten and tone. I'd eventually like to get more silvery hair or some pastel tones! Something like what fashionista804 has.

Extra maintenance? 
I had to invest in a hair mask and some silver shampoo and conditioner from DiLorenzo  (twice a week each) to help prolong the toner but otherwise it's been about the same. I also use the colour retention shampoo and conditioner from Kiehl's other days of the week. I also had to change my eyebrow product from the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Pomade into the light contour shade from the Sleek contour palette. I might tint them the next time I go into see Teagan depending on what her opinion is.


I've been colouring hair on my own since I was probably about 15 years old. I've used a bunch of box dyes, bleach and a few months ago I made the kind of regretful decision to go to a random colourist and get an ombre. Since then I've dyed over it with a Prettia box of bubble dye.

Scott and Phoenix putting the bleach into my hair. They started with the middle areas of the hair first. 

After about half an hour on the heat they then started applying bleach on my scalp and then my ends.

Back onto the heat for another half an hour. I think they would have preferred to leave it on longer but I couldn't take the irritation on my scalp anymore.

Washed out all the bleach! SO YELLOW AND ORANGE :((((

First round of toner. 

Done for the day! I was still unhappy with how yellow my hair was so Phoenix invited me back the night after to pop a different colour of toner into my hair free of charge. 

Instead of using a blue toner he used a pearl ash toner. After it developed it turned into a nice grey pastel pink colour. It didn't wash out like that which was a bit of a shame but it took some yellow away from my hair anyway. 

Drying after the second round of toner! The blonde is a bit darker on my ends because my colourist said the bleach had a harder time due to the tint build up from past dying. 

Hi Phoenix!!

Before and after. 

Here are a few after photos in a bunch of different lights! 

Admiring Luke's eyebrows. 

Post one week. I have roots starting to come out already aw man. 

Hope that answered a bunch of questions for you guys and cleared everything up! I hope everybody is having a fantastic week so far. Can't wait to post for all of you again soon, s.

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