July 7, 2015


Hello! So I know that I was meant to kind of revive this little space over the first week of my holidays but I kid you not I just finished my eight day working streak. I was originally planning to work two jobs and continue working at the dental clinic whenever they needed me to fill a shift here and there but unfortunately one of their girls in training decided that the job wasn't for them. The result for me? Everyday I'm not working at Kiehl's I'm working at the dental clinic. My calendar for this month looks something like eight days of work, one day break, four days of work, one day break, three days of work, one day break, AND ANOTHER SEVEN DAYS OF WORK before my birthday weekend. Then as soon as that's over - straight back to uni. So fun.

So I do apologise that this blog is gonna be pretty quiet over the next month. For the first time in a long time it's not because I'm lazy or busy - it's genuinely that I have no time and literally haven't done anything moderately interesting. Seriously, I spent my day off today sleeping in until 12pm, eating a pork bun, and then falling asleep again for a three hours.

Since I don't really have enough of anything for one solid type of post, I thought I'd do a little bit more typing today and ramble on about a bunch of random things while including some photos from the week that have no relation to the topic :) 

Gifts from the super kind SeYoun!

1. My new holy grail product from Kiehl's
I've been at Kiehl's for a few weeks now and after doing a bunch of consultations and learning more about products I have a crazy holy grail serum to tell you guys about. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a damn dream for anybody who wants more hydration and nourishment for their skin. You use it at night before popping on any moisturiser and you wake up to amaaaazingness. 30 ml of it costs $61 so it is a little bit of an investment but you only need 4 drops max every night so it'll definitely last for a while! If you're still a bit skeptical you can actually pop into any Kiehl's counter and ask for a sample to try.

Dinner at Perks and dessert at Hatch and Co. 

2. What I'm doing for my birthday this year
I'm turning 20 on the 25th of July and I'm celebrating by having a party in an apartment with a (fingers crossed) beautis view. I'll probably have a smaller dinner with my closest girls and then also a dinner with the significant other in a slightly more fancy venue. I haven't been able to find a birthday dress yet :(

Hello younger sibling. 

3. Ask.fm
Some of you guys might have noticed that the ask.fm widget has disappeared from my blog. It was definitely one of my favourite social media platforms because it was the easiest way for anonymous people to ask questions but what ask.fm has done is that now if you want to ask an anonymous question, you still have to be logged in with an account. So annoying because this was the whole reason I moved away from Formspring but I'm not sure where else to move to. My account is still up if you'd like to ask anything but I just thought I'd let you guys know.

Face for my first event hosting at Kiehl's!

4.  Posts that I want to put up before the end of August
My daily makeup routine #2
My holy grail products
My birthday diaries
A new set of travel diaries (no plans to travel anywhere yet though)

What I looked like before and after work on various days.

5. What I'm doing next weekend 
I finish work early next Saturday and have Sunday off so on the Saturday I'll be visiting the French Festival before probably heading out to Lust Saturdays during the evening. No plans for Sunday yet. 

Hope you guys all have a super productive week! S. 

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