May 4, 2015

Photo & caption update LVII

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Hello! I'm so sorry about missing last week's post. I had the most stressful start to my week this morning after I spent 45 minutes assisting one of the dentists remove a patient's root fracture. Long story short - too much blood, not enough soap or hand sanitiser. 

 A big breakfast and bunny food at K&K. 

 Shabu House dates with wifey. 

Struggles of wanting to put on her hoodie without rubbing off any of her make up. 

 Lunch at Mizu. 

 Early morning iced toffee milk tea. 

 Ordered a bunch of skin care off Nip + Fab! 

 Delicious Shinbashi Yakiniku all you can eat dinner dates. 

 Spontaneous trips to Mt Cootha!

 Sweet and sour chicken (YESSSS) and mongolian beef at Red Door. 

GYG :)  

Baskin Robin brownies.  

 After work lunches at Ben's Restaurant. 


 Do not recommend the butter chicken 2/10 :(

 Eat Street with Grelon and Sandra. 

 $7 of sweet deep fried goodness. 

Salmon and french toast from Campos. 

I hope everybody had a great start to their week and that everybody in Brisbane made it okay through the storm. Talk soon! S. 

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