May 25, 2015

Photo & caption update LVIII

Hello, hellooooo! I have some kind of exciting news *....drum roll...* I finally got a new job!!!! I've been job hunting over the last four months and after attending multiple interviews I've managed to land a job as a beauty advisor/2IC of a Kiehl's counter based in Myer. I haven't started the job yet because I've still got a lot of orientation and training to do but I'll definitely keep you guys in the loop. I'm so excited because their company looks after their employees so well and they really do seem like a tight knit family :') 

Top Gun sunnies by Quay, bag from Prada, skirt from Cotton On, top from Valley Girl. 

 Rainy drives home.

 Lunch at Cafe Les Amoureux.

Brunch with #SS at Bare Bones Society. 10/10 definitely heading back again.

Braised beef cheeks first thing in the morning, YUM!

Wearing Cashmere by Lime Crime - current fav lippy rn!

Rushed care packages by Srh and Sandracular.

Stopped off at 7/11 before going on a drive to Mt. Nebo.

 Lunch at BoLan with Alice.

 Visiting our fav nail lady from Tips and Toes.

 Do not recommend the creme brulee from San Churro yuck :(

Spontaneous lunch at Manhattan Line - best service! 

Shabu House happiness on a plate.

New Shanghai happy hour deals.

 Dinner at Kinn Thai.

 Matching boots, high waisted jeans, oversized scarves and turtle necks with Fee Fee.

 Reef for Kelly's 21st.

 Friday morning lecture rituals: Boost.

 Went to help buy a Mother's Day gift.

Hope that you guys had a fantastic start to your week! I'm really starting to feel the stress and pressure of assignments and exams so all the best to everybody. Love, S.

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