March 2, 2015

Still Casper the friendly ghost

So... this post has been sitting away in my drafts for a good few weeks now and what better time to upload it now that Summer has gone away. I can't believe that it's already March! We'll be celebratin' Christmas again in noooo time. I'm going back to uni tomorrow and in order to make sure that this little blog space of mine doesn't go dead like I let it did last year, I'll be making a promise to upload AT LEAST once a week. 

Anyway, some time during the Summer a few of the girls (+Elon) took a trip up to the coast to chill out at a friend's apartment at Soul. The space was abbbbsolutely beautiful and I finally managed to have my first proper sunshine session of the season. 

Ultimate love for our brow lady (Tegan @ Get Threaded Queens Plaza!!). 

Selfie stick for dayssss.

I hope you guys had a fantastic start to your week! S.

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