March 19, 2015

My new glasses from Oscar Wylee

Good evening everybody! I'm currently tucked away in bed typing up this blog post while I wear a pair of my new glasses from Oscar Wylee. Before this year, I hadn't been to the optometrist since I was probably 10 years old and ooooh my gosh, I had no clue how difficult I was making life for myself. For the last three years or so I've tolerated these ridiculous migraines which come by particularly around SWOTVAC season. Although I can see pretty well, apparently the issue is that I strain really hard when adjusting to seeing things which are different distances away. 

Nonetheless I have to admit that I was a little bit excited because straight off the bat I knew that I wanted glasses from Oscar Wylee. I've been following their Instagram page for the last few months just because I love how they present all of their products. I ordered the 5 pair trial pack a fortnight ago and after sending it back, ended up deciding to purchase Noah and Judd. 

I loved the packaging so much that I thought that it'd be worth doing an unboxing post for my new babies! Hope you enjoy. 

Their usual deal is that you can get 2 pairs for $98 but I paid extra for the multicoating on the lens for both glasses. All of this is covered by private health insurance as well! The back of this invoice includes all the codes you need to claim.  

Noah in Auburn Tortoise (definitely my preferred pair).

 Judd in Obsidian Black Crystal.

Hope you guys have had a fantastic week so far and TGIF tomorrow! All my love, s. 

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