March 11, 2015

Photo & caption update LV

Oh my my my, I uploaded a photo and caption update in the middle of last month and so much has happened since then! I'm super sorry for the quality of some of these photos - my little camera has unfortunately been damaged so I'm sending it away soon to be repaired :( After I get back I promise I'll be trying to get into the habit of bringing it around everywhere with me instead of constantly using my iPhone. Enjoy! 

Popped my first concert cherry going to see Drake last Thursday and was so happy I almost cried. 

 Spent the entire concert screaming my lungs out with this girl.

Spontaneous date to Mt Cootha with my open flower.

 Had my first fine dining experience of the year at Pony.

Not gonna lie - out of the whole three course meal I was probably only able to enjoy the main. Nonetheless the service is absolutely incredible (despite the reviews on Urbanspoon saying otherwise) and the venue was beautifully furnished.

Tried a bunch of tapas as Summer House and loooved everything. I spent the entire meal trying to figure out what the calamari reminded me of and then Sandra figured out that it was the red prawn cracker chip packets that you get from Asian stores!! 

Spent an entire day in bed until Jenny dragged me out of my room to make curry puffs with her and Danny.  

 Mel picked me up to take me to brunch at Rogue. 

 Faces on with matching Velvet Teddy lipsticks :*


 Drinks from Vue. 

 Thank goodness for our brow lady. 

 Finally managed to go to Dracula's with a bunch of lovely people! Definitely recommend 10/10 :) 

 OOOOOH MY GOODNESS - I have to rave about this new hairdresser I visited. I recently went to get my hair cut at ID Brisbane at East Brisbane and you guys HAVE to go visit them if you're looking for a new hairdresser. I was greeted by a super chirpy girl who then sat me down and got me some earl grey tea. They have a really bomb ass drinks menu with everything from hot chocolate to lattes to champagne. 

I was then lucky enough to meet one of their artistic directors named Scott! He took such good care of me and triple checked to confirm how I wanted my hair cut (he even drew up a little photo).

BAM! Almost an hour and a half later I got my hair thinned, some layers cut and the slightest angled bob. Looking back I really wish I got it cut a bit shorter but nonetheless I absolutely loved it. What shocked me most was the ridicccculous discount they give to students on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Scott was an artistic director so it was meant to cost me $135 but it came down to a mere $50 *jaw drop*. On top of this they sent me a cute little care package about a week after with some bobby pins, a thank you note and a $20 gift voucher for my next visit. 

New Shanghai dates with Alis.

Brunch at Campos. A literal caramel popcorn milkshake mmm! 

 Eggs Benedict and SA barramundi. 


Alice convinced me into buying a bunch of lipsticks. I swear that girl could persuade me into buying a broken television if she tried T_T

Chicken curry omu-rice from Maru. Absolutely enorrrmous servings.

 Surprise, surprise! I need glasses :( For the last two years I've been getting ridiculous migraines particularly when studying or focusing on something in particular and I've finally found out the issue. Although I can see extremely well I apparently strain my eyes way too hard which means that they have trouble relaxing. I just placed an order for two pairs of Oscar Wylee glasses yesterday! I'm getting the pair on the right and also a more narrow pair.

Went to brunch at Dee Dot and aww'd really hard at Grace's milkshake when it came out.

 A bunch of friends took me to putt putt for the first time ever. Needless to say that I sucked. 

Phew! That was a heap of photos to get through. I hope you guys have a fantastic week ahead of you. I'd also like to take just a few moments to wish Mel a happy 20th birthday! You are without a doubt the most adorable and diligent future engineer boss lady that I know and I couldn't have made it through all the years of primary school without you. All my love, Sarah. 

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