October 7, 2014

Photo & caption update XLVIII

Hello! Sorry for the huge break in photo and caption updates but obviously with the midsemester break being so late in the year, I really wanted to make the most out of it. I've also been really sick :( Today we've got a collection of about 50 photos including things such as food, food, and more food *typical*. 

Evelyn came back to Brisbane so we went to Moray Cafe together for brunch! I absolutely loved the menu. The serving sizes are huge which makes the price really worth it as well. If I had to be super picky then I'd say the service was really meh. The girls working weren't terrible but they weren't particularly nice either. Then again, I was pretty upset because she took our dishes away before we were done with them..

Indoor seating area - there's also an outdoor area in front of the cafe. 

Evelyn's hash cakes.

My chicken and waffles. There is no way somebody could finish this on their own. The pieces of chicken are enormous and I actually ended up just eating the skin off it instead. Verdict: weird but something that everybody has to try. 

Nutella milkshake (not for those who don't have a super sweet tooth) and Evelyn's frappe drink which I can't remember the name of. It was an icy drink with mint and lychee though! 

Dress from shopmarketHQ, shoes from eBay, bag from Sportsgirl, hat from Cotton On, watch from Daniel Wellington.

Home made noodles at Jason's house for dinner.

Got overly excited because I ordered spam and egg from a restaurant for lunch. 

Cafe Mi with Alice, David and Jason. 

Sunset drives from the coast back to Brisbane.

Went to a car meet with Jason. 

Love these new 3CE products I picked up from W Cosmetics! Definitely would recommend. 

Had lunch with Alice at a new cafe in Garden City. How gorgeous is the new extension!? Can't wait for everything else to open up. The service is A+ however the place reminds me a lot of The Coffee Club in terms of food and prices. 

Bumped into Teef!

Jason bought me a butt bread. 

Went to The Roastery Cafe to have brunch with Jiwon and a bunch of friends while she was back up in Brisbane. The back of the cafe is so incredible we ended up spending almost two hours taking heaps of photos together oops. 

The most awkward group photo I've ever been in. 

Had my first taste of quinoa and really liked it! 

They had those little things you make out of rice crispies cereal!! Childhood much?

Her hair flew into my face. 

Spent the last day of my holidays with Jason's family up at the coast. We went fishing near The Spit and had lunch at his sister's house. 

Growing up sooo quickly :( It makes me so sad I only get to see him about once a month wahhh. 

Shaggy keeping me company while I eat lunch. 

*sighs* Typing this last paragraph as it just clocked past 12am which means that I am officially off my uni break now. I honest can't believe how quickly this year went by. My ASOS ambassador internship wraps up in a month, my third anniversary with Jason is in less than a fortnight, Adrii's birthday is just over a month away and I'm graduating at the end of next year w a t. So not ready to grow up but at the same time I want to get out of uni as quickly as I can. How scary, right? Hope you're all doing well and enjoyed the sunshine today as much as I did. s, x. 

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