February 10, 2014

Photo & caption update XXXVII

Happy 300th post on srhtrng :) If you've been following me on Twitter than you would've seen random bursts of excitement about how I got hired to market for ASOS. I originally applied for a position with Student Marketing Australia and when I somehow got to the last round of interviews I found out that you could choose to promote campaigns from Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Officeworks or ASOS if you were hired. Luckily for me the recruitment staff saw something apparently valuable to their business and gave me a position with my first campaign of preference wtaf? (seriously, why me!?) 

It's only a short term position (will be done with the campaign by the end of the month) but nonetheless I'm so excited that I still can't believe I'm able to type this in a blog post. For those of you wondering what I'll actually be doing - I'll be promoting ASOS at The University of Queensland's St Lucia Campus on Market Day (26 Feb). Drop by because I pinky swear that we are giving away a tonne of stuff which I hope I get as well oml.

Dinner for Jiwon at Ahmets before she left Brisbane. 

Mango bingsoo and chocolate fondue from Passion Tree.

Cleaned up my room and transferred the majority of my clothes onto an open rack.

Teriyaki chicken curry from Kadoya and Maccas dates.

Dinner at the Tran household.

Late CNY celebrations at Jason's place with his family! His dad kept offering me alcohol oml.

Finally got to try Lychee Lounge and oh my the drinks are definitely difficult to swallow. The tapas taste delicious but I'd probably skip the alcohol from this bar unless you're used to some really potent tasting stuff. 

Creme brulee from Freestyle 

Dinner dates at Hogs Breath.

Went to Coco Jungle for dessert for the first time in months yummm.

Went to Miel before Varady's 19th and Jason loved it so much that he didn't talk to me until he finished eating his burger rudeee HAHAHA. 

Teresa the amazing smelling love bug and Jsn the Victoria's Secret smelling boyfriend. 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! xo, s.

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