April 26, 2013

Photo & caption update XVI

First things first! Here are the results of the great pie debate!!! To be honest I wasn't too surprised with the results but nonetheless, it makes me so happy to know that the majority of you guys only use a microwave to cook your pies. (Like how I put everything into pie charts?) 

How do you cook your pies?

How do you eat your pies?

Do you eat your pies with a fork?

Do you take out the vegetables from your pies? 

Alright, now moving on. My gorgeous camera finally arrived in the mail after a million years so hopefully it'll make a difference in the quality of photos for you guys.

Rose by Paul Smith (2011 Summer Edition) - my all time favourite perfume

Strawberry.net send you a free gift whenever you order :-)

I made a dent in it when I opened it for the first time asdhiahso: Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm

Messed up my thumbnail very badly..

Went to QUT with some seniors 12 lovelies so the guys could play handball before watching Iron Man 3 (LOVED IT BTW)

Dinner at Madtongsan with Jason

Floral top from asia-fashion-wholesale.com; skirt from Princess Polly sample sale; belt from Dotti

Hope all of you are well and will post again soon! xo, s.

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