April 5, 2013

Photo & caption update XIV

This week has literally flown by and I have only spent total of approximately 20 hours doing something productive. After finishing high school I said that I'd pick up my game but nope, that definitely hasn't happened. I'm spending most of my spare time waiting for more lives on Candy Crush now. Aaaanyway, here's what's been going on in my life (in no particular order because I messed up the order).

Was going through my hard drive and found old photos from when Sandra and I used to go out heaps with Chase

Finally got to wear my stockings from Taiwan. I'm still desperately in search of some suspender ones!

Lunch with lovelies at a Taiwanese restaurant at Sunnybank

Finally go to go ice skating after a million years

Home made breakfast at Evelyn's house

Getting ready for Jun's 18th

How fabulous is Connie?

Lunch at Bamboo basket - lemon lime bitters and vegetarian spring rolls

Wara Wara dates with Adrienne

My 12 year old cousin gave me this for Easter

Unintentionally bought a bag that matches my wallet

Details for dinner with Melisa at Emporium

Ann Gyoza House - AMAAAAAAAAAZING sweet chilli karaage

I hope you guys have a great weekend! xo, s.

1 comment :

Ice Pandora said...

I love your style c: Mhmm
look at all those food!
Such a cute easter egg
filled with choco eggs!