April 8, 2013

Photo & caption update XV

Good morning lovelies! I start uni again tomorrow so here is a quick little update in case I go MIA because of mid-sem exams. 

Forgot to upload this in my last photo and caption update

Iced chocolate from San Churro and we found Nina some cute little jelly flip flops xx

Lime mint julep from Shingle Inn with Adrienne - isn't she the most beautiful girl!?

Most amazing london eggs benedict and fried eggs, bacon and toast for brunch

Tried out a side fringe for the first time in years and then gave up after two hours

Such an adorable little hashbrown! It looks like a carrot here

Princess Polly had a pop up store with a bunch of sample items for $10 each | standard Noggi dates

Melon, pineapple and sake cocktail with sweet chilli and teriyaki sauce karaage 

Have a lovely week guys! xo, s. 

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