November 25, 2012

Travel Diaries - Korea: Day 02

Feeling so much better going out with a proper face on. I bought the sweater in these photos for $10 from the underground market the day before yesterday!

It's currently 3:39AM Korean time and I'm not sleepy so I decided to blog about yesterday so I can sleep in a little more before we have to wake up earlier than I'm used to today. After a good night's sleep, I finally managed to cope with the weather a little better. We got up and celebrated Sandra's 17th birthday by eating (a lot...) and going to Lotte World!! We're getting so used to taking taxis everywhere now because trips that would usually cost $50 in Australia are about $15 here.

After Lotte World, Jihae took us all to another area where a lot of tourists go and omfg.. Alice and I flipped 10 times because we finally got to see a Forever 21 and H&M after so long. It was stupid because it was closed but we'll be heading back there today for some more shopping! For dinner, we went into a really nice restaurant that was literally empty and had the best meal for $18 pp. The service and food were amazing and they also gave us a free plate of prawns for no reason. I still can't get the taste of that amazing broth out of my mouth :')

Okay, I'm getting a little bit sleepy now so I might just leave it here and do a kind of a photo and caption update for you guys. Sorry for the order of the photos by the way. I just realised that they're not in order. Will blog again soon! Hope you all have a great day xoxo.

Outfits of the day

Best and cheapest sweet and sour pork I've had so far in my life. Only $10 and so filling!!

Salina, you jealous?

Jihae and Sandra with matching bows

Ps/ We're still trying to figure out how to put the vlogs together :( 

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