November 19, 2012

Photo & caption update VII

Hello lovelies. This will be the last photo & caption update before I fly out on Thursday night to Korea!!!!!! I'm so excited and I still can't believe that this is happening. I haven't packed anything yet but yeah... hopefully I'll be safe and sound by Friday morning. Our first stop is going to be an aquarium (hopefully) and I'm 100% ready to cling onto the glass with Alice until I see a shark.

More formal photos!

The most gorgeous girl at the formal 

The best night of this entire year. I love these people (and many more from the night that weren't in the photo) to death ♥

Best friends 


Catch up date with Liane at The Coffee Club 

Found some old scribbles in my maths exercise book

CPR mouths with Simon

Putting together Ikea furniture at Evelyn's house instead of going to the graduating art exhibition

Gorgeous graduation gift from my family

Dessert from Just Soy Cafe. I had no idea how to eat this. Adrii and I took two scoops and the pudding rolled off the ice onto the table...

A person's a person, no matter how small 

Graduation dinner with my girlies

Got trapped at work after I finished my shift because it was hailing everywhere. The water feature overflowed!!

Had an early going away dinner with Jason at Satay Hut. Definitely recommended if you're after an affordable fancyish feed. We got a set menu with vegetarian spring rolls, satay chicken skewers, mee goreng and sweet and sour pork for only $23 each!! Pretty good considering the sweet and sour pork alone costs about $20. One thing though, stay away from the lime and soda drink. It was so bitter that I had to dilute it with heaps of water.

Finally got to satisfy my craving of chocolate chip ice cream at Movenpick ♥

Late graduation/early Christmas gift from Jason 

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I hope that you all have a lovely week ♥♥ I'll be blogging again very soon. If you're interested in my holiday trips then definitely check up on my Twitter and Instagram xoxo.

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