November 24, 2012

Travel Diaries - Korea: Day 01

Hi lovelies! I've figured out that due to Sophia, Sandra, Alice and I having the inability to wake up before 11 in the morning, I'll be forced to blog about the previous day the morning after it actually happened. The flights  from Australia to Seoul were the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. Sandra and I spent most of the first flight rolling over restlessly to find a position where we could actually sleep while Alice had managed to curl up into a tiny ball and get an hours rest or so. I laughed so hard because Sandra eventually found a position where she put her head on the desk connected to the back of the seat in front of her only to have her head hit a few minutes later when the person in front of her leaned their chair back.

On the way to the hotel Alice and I got to ride with the best taxi driver ever. He covered the inside of his taxi with photos of all the people he'd driven in his taxi (we're in it as well now!!) and aside from being an international taxi driver, he was also a magician who did performances regularly on Korean TV. While we were waiting for a light to turn green, he decided to do a trick for us where he showed us the inside of a small black box which was completely empty. He closed the box and made us say the magic word and when he opened it, THERE WAS A LIVE HAMSTER IN IT WTF ADOHOWID. Needless to say Alice and I both rolled around in the back of his taxi pleasantly amused. Oh, and he also drove around with the most adorable budgie which looked only a few months old that just casually chilled on a pole near the steering wheel.

Apart from the flights I've had a pretty good time so far. Sophia brought us to an underground shopping area where I spent a little too much money ahhh. We pretty much wandered for hours and on the way, Alice got hit by a person in a massive Garfield costume with a toy hammer and Sandra ran away from somebody who was trying to sell her something because they were just screaming at her HAHA. Alice is the best. The food here is pretty much the exact same price in Australia and the only difference is how much of it there is and what you can get. I think I've had about 10 meals already.

Baskin Robins in Korea

One thing that's already driving me crazy is the fact that I can't understand anything asdohasiodh. I'll be looking into a store and a shop keeper will come out and try to sell me something when I don't understand anything. When I tell them I don't speak Korean, they'll either run away to the next customer, continue to try selling me things, or ask where I'm from in broken english before yelling out KANGAROO after I answer them.

Vlogs to come soon! Hope you're all well and warmer than I am xoxo.

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Jessica said...

Woah, I'm incredibly envious right now! (*0*) All the photos look stunning! The Baskin Robins.. *drools* I'm looking forward to your vlogs & more diary entries! :') I hope you have a lovely and amazing time in Korea! ♥