August 8, 2012

Happy birthday Tina!

Last Saturday I went to Shabuhouse and karaoke for Tina's 17th birthday! The food was really nice but since I have no clue how to eat noodles in public without embarrassing myself, I ended up devouring a billion pieces of takoyaki, tamago sushi and other people's pieces of cooked fish tofu. 

The incredibly strange birthday girl ♥

Wearing Evelyn's amaaaazing self-studded denim jacket 

So... It's pretty obvious that my fringe really didn't wanna work with me on Saturday so just ignore the fact that it looks like a mess :(

Ben borrowing bits and pieces of everyone's clothing to create his detective outfit.

Jun - the reason I love to go to karaoke. Can't you just feel his passion?

Hope you're all having a lovely week guys! ♥

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