March 3, 2012

She's a gymnast

Hi lovelies! Today's post is gonna have a lot of jumping because I wanted to include a week's worth of stuff so I'll just number it to make it easier to follow along.

1. Nina turned 17!! The poor girl had a philosophy test early in the morning but had a billion gifts to cheer her up at morning tea.

Wallet from Guess

Gigantic card made by Jihae

2. Sandra slept over on Thursday since I needed to start some experimental work for my art folio. We ended up not being able to go out since we started shooting pretty late and had to resort to taking photos in my room with an artificial light source (ugh, damn you distracting rubber craft). I have a presentation some time during next week where I have to display my progress to the class so we tried to take some photos anyway for the sake of me having something to present. They turned out so mediocre but I'll put up two of them anyway zzz...

Headpiece I made for Sandra which we didn't get to use

Ridiculously distracting craft thing Sandra and I got from Officeworks just because it was $2

My pig/dog/rabbit thing and Sandra's fat bear

3.0 West End vintage and designer markets! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

I was an idiot and forgot to check whether my camera had an sd card inserted or not so I couldn't take any photos of the West End markets :( It's a lot smaller in comparison to Suitcase Rummage but I reckon that it's so much classier. All of the sellers were located in an enclosed, undercover area; their clothing was on rails and hangers; quite a few people were selling stuff from ASOS, Mossman, Lipsy etc.; there was a dj and the quality of the clothing is a lot better than the stuff you'd find at Suitcase Rummage (which is on tomorrow!). Only thing that was a downer was that most of the clothing was at minimum $15 :( I kind of wish I spend more time there, boo. There was a 12pm screening of This Means War that I had to make so I just grabbed a cute dress and left really quickly since it was getting pretty humid and stuffy anyway.

$15 dress (new) from the markets and a floppy hat I got from Dotti later in the day.

Hope all of you are well and have a great weekend! ♥

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Melody said...

Ahagasoifhasf that headpiece is so pretty! /steals from youuu/