January 11, 2012


After a long six days of work, I'm finally getting a short break. Sandra came over while I was still asleep this morning and put up with me for an hour while I rolled around in bed before we went out to buy hair bleach. For anybody that doesn't know, ombré hair is basically where the shade/tone of the hair gradually changes through the length. You'll get it when you see some photos in a second.

Before anybody asks, I used this tutorial: CLICK HERE.

This is the box we used. It was about $20 from Target and it's basically a boxed bleach that people use to streak their hair. For any dark haired people that were wondering, the bleach from this box worked really well on Sandra's hair since it was fairly light already but when I left it on my hair for the same amount of time, the change in colour wasn't as obvious. Scroll up and look at my ponytail in the first photo I posted again so you can compare!

Above is the before photo and below is the after photo.

During the period of 4 hours, Sandra bleached her hair four times. I could almost hear it crying out for mercy. Oh well, the end result looked really nice and I'm proud of myself for not destroying her lovely hair /phew.

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I hope all of you are well and enjoying your week :)


Ice Pandora said...

Oh, that's frickin' awesome hair DIY!
Love the end bleach, great job girls!


Jennyy said...

where'd the jacket/blouse thing from ? =D

Melody said...

Oooh the ombre hair looks so good on Sandra! And aw, I can hardly see yours BUT ITS OKAY! You still look le sexy! ;D

Lool. I think I've had unintentional (gross) ombre hair before ..because of the whole regrowth 8D lol