January 18, 2012

Contact lens review for Bambi - Sesame Grey


It's been way too long since my last review! Today I'll be reviewing a gorgeous bold lens designed by the amazing Tsubasa Masuwaka. I'm apologising in advance for the horrible eyeliner. I have no idea what happened.

Size - 10/10: The pair I purchased is 15.00mm so the enlargement is pretty obvious. I love the thick black border of the lens since it gives off that dolly eye look that so many people are after without going into the possessed demon appearance.

Design - 10/10: What can I say? Tsubasa always gets it right. The three sections of the lens work together perfectly so that neither the colour or border overpower each other.

Colour - 7/10: The particular grey in this lens is a bit too light for my liking but quite a few people are probably after this shade. Apart from that though, the olive in the middle of the lens really helps the sesame grey to be a noticable, bright and vibrant lens.

Hope all of you are having a lovely week! ♥


SinYee said...

Not a fan of contact lenses, but i just LOVE your eyes. You have a very nice pair of double eyelids, envy max! D: x

Melody said...

Oooh these lenses look nice *__* ! And I don't think I've ever worn 15mm ._. sounds huge ..can't believe there's like a 17mm o_o

Vince Barrios said...

Those lenses are pretty . I ordered the same lens as yours too and i cant wait to try them out.

Hope to hear from you soon -- Please support my new fashion blog http://supernovastarrr.blogspot.com xoxo

jacob said...
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jacob said...

Your images are really amazing.The Contact Lenses you have used in this images gave a natural look to your eyes.

Specialaty Contact Lenses said...

After i saw the given depiction, it has easily mesmerized me. It is very very beautiful. Moreover it has marvelous look.