January 19, 2012

Maybe you could save me

ASOS sunnies, Forever New paper bag shorts, Dotti chiffon button up.

I had brunch this morning with Adrii, Sandra, Ly and Khang at Gelare. After more then half a year of pronouncing the name of the place ge-la-ray, we all learned that it was actually pronounced je-la-ree. How awkward. Anyway, after we all bought some snacks before heading back to Adrii's place to watch Mission Impossible II & III.

Sandra and I also took a shot at riding around on Khang's skateboard. We both got a metre before freaking out and jumping off because we couldn't figure out how to turn.

Adrii took the matter into her own hands and created a solution for herself so that she wouldn't embarrass herself as badly.

On a completely separate note, I'm still finding it ridiculously difficult to grasp the fact that I'll begin completing my last year of high school soon. Not exactly ready for the stress, pressure or living in SLQ every Saturday so I'll just sit here and enjoy the last couple of days free I have. At least I have my senior formal to look forward to. Hope all of you are having a great week ♥

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