December 21, 2011


Dress (gift from Sandra and Alice) from Ally, blazer from Supre.

I held a Christmas dinner with a bunch of my friends since I won't be seeing a majority of them during the holiday. We went to Peony Asian Fusion and as always, the service and food were perfect.

On the left is a bottle of Daisy that we (Ly, Jason and I) gifted to Melisa and on the right is a 100ml bottle of Rose (Summer Edition) by Paul Smith that Ly gave to me. It smells AMAZING.

Melisa's chicken pad thai and river sunset mocktail.

My Japanese curry chicken-katsu with rice.

Hope everyone's having a lovely week! Only 10 more days until new years eve.

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Melody said...

Everyone is heaps sexayy! And mmm, I'm hungry for some curry katsu *_*